The large rectangular building with a huge interior court sits quietly on the edge of a lake surrounded by forest.

LakeThe only noise disturbing this rural setting are the cars arriving and leaving.

It is so quiet I can hear my breath going in and out.

This silent time is interrupted by the constant talking in my head.

The evaluating part of me is working away at seeing where and how I fit into this retreat setting.

Nothing about this place is noisy except the noise within me.

After a few days, moments of tranquillity set in and it is like my breath goes out with a long sigh.

I am walking more gently on the grass. I am noticing the bees going from flower to flower.

I watch carefully and quietly as the small rabbits munch the grass.

The contrast with my normal world is, a first, shocking then my body and mind settle into this tranquil place.

It is a gift to be here for a few days.

Is it a surprise to think all of us have tranquility within us all the time?

No, I know it is true because it has shown up here.

All I have to do is allow it.

Let go of the striving. The cell phone is turned off. There is no television to watch.

Serenity at its best.

Coming home I decide to allow tranquility to be in my life in an active way.

Every morning taking some time to feel the tranquil place within me.

Then I can go out into the world.

This is who you are.