HourglassNo one knows how long they have to live and still we treat each day at times like we can let it slip through our hands like sand on a beach. Time is precious as is your life.

John Kabat-Zinn said, “I am only here for one purpose. I just have no idea what that is.”

He still has made an international success from his writing and teaching. In my opinion he has dedicated his life to helping others find their center.

You also have a purpose and you may or may not know what that is at the moment.

Take some time to find it.

It is time well spent.

Your gifts are immeasurable in a world that has such a need for your leadership.

Do not waste a second of your time if you can help it.

Bring your awareness to your energy center and let the joy show you the way.

Time ultimately seems to fly by and the years roll on.

Let your soul inform you of the steps you are to take.

No one knows how long your timeline is.

Treat it with care and creativity as you express your destiny.

This is who you are.