I wonder how you think of your time?  

Does your time have value to you?


These questions came to me as I sat in a traffic jam for over three hours the other day.

There was no where to go. The traffic reports indicated alternatives to my route of travel were already plugged.


I have always thought of my car as a learning centre. It is not often I am in my car for long periods of time unless I am traveling to a distant location.


So, I have loaded my phone with all kinds of books, meditations and talks by inspirational teachers. Technology is a wonderful thing when you can play your iTunes and listen to it on your car radio.


Thank goodness I had these tools with me in the traffic jam. No where to go except inside myself to see what was present and what was possible.


After getting over the small stuff of blaming poor drivers for the accidents that blocked my way, I got down to using my time in a more personally respectful way.


I turned on a meditation. No, I didn't close my eyes! I settled into what   was being said and felt the quietness flow through my body. Time flies by quickly and with little strain.


Then I listened to a bright, creative speaker who talked about our soul journey. How we are like flowers opening up to our inner knowing.

She said we can always trust our inner knowing and it will give us the direction we seek.

We simple must open up to listen to the faint voice.


You know time does fly and what I realized in the traffic is that I have a choice as to how I use mine.

I know you do too.


This is who you are.