He lived with his disability, as he called it, for many years. No one could see it from the outside because the pain and damage were on the inside. Inside his emotional heart he held on to the loss of what he considered to be a most important aspect of his life.

He did not realize that the emotional fist with which he held on was contracting every organ of his body physically and impeding his emotional ability to get on with his life.

Then one day he was asked to tell his story. His heart pushed him to do it. Something within him told him to be courageous and do it.

He told his story of disability with all the sadness, fear and anger that he had held inside for many years. He was applauded loudly and given acclaim for speaking the truth.

He looked younger, he felt lighter and in that moment he realized that releasing the pain opened a door.

He could now see that accessing the experience of loss could offer hope to others who similarly suffered.

He still had his disability and yet now he had the opportunity to show others that through the pain there is life.

When you feel your pain, go into it as deeply as you need. Then it will release like a tight fist that opens up.

Then you will see the light in your life that comes.

This is who you are.