“Often, it’s not about becoming a new person, but becoming the person you were meant to be, and already are, but don’t know how to be.”  ― Heath L. Buckmaster

There are three things you need to know to awaken to the fascinating person you already are but may have forgotten.

Everyone else thinks they know who you are and are happy to tell you about it particularly when you touch their life in some way.

You have walked the road of your life more or less with the idea that you own it. It is your life and you will do with it whatever comes to mind for you to do.

So the first aspect of yourself you need to know again is awareness.

Within you the capability and the sensitivity to know what you need in the moment is alive and well. It activates when you consciously activate it.

It is the ability to be in the moment and know for certain what you will do and how you feel. It is a confidence in your awareness of your own nature that is at the forefront.

The second aspect of self that you will want to embrace is connection. That is connection to your soul nature. That is the essential self that you are and always have been. It is a beautiful part of you that has been hidden from the world and in many instances hidden from you.

When you are actively connected to your soul nature you have a sense of well being. It’s like you have your eyes open and are able to see clearly.

The third aspect is alignment and expression. When you express who you are in your world others can hear you and see you and honour you. At the same time you are available to express in a way that nourishes your soul, helps others and contributes to the world around you.

You cannot live small when you are in alignment. You are called to express your nature in full regalia and colour. There is no holding back and in fact you cannot and do not want to hold back from your place of alignment.

It is giving the world the best of you while serving yourself with the best of you.

This is who you are.