“We dream to give ourselves hope. To stop dreaming - well, that’s like saying you can never change your fate.”  Amy Tan The third gift to ask for is the gift of hope. 

How do you bring hope into a situation of your life that does not look like hope is an option?

It looks messy, perhaps dark and most of all beyond your comprehension as to what to do about it or maybe even how to feel about it.

The mind chatter has big volume and wants to be heard so that whatever you are facing will be dealt with from a place of historical information.

Now is the time to look at how to bring Hope in where Hope has not been. Hope is the light that wants to show up in your life.

It’s like the old chest your mother had to store blankets and her favorite things. The box was lined with cedar and mothballs were put into protect the precious belongings. The box was then put into a dark cupboard to be opened at some undetermined future time.

Hope lives in this precious place. It waits for you to open the treasure chest of all hope save up from the past and all hope available for you now.

You go into your heart and gently, slowly and with great love open the precious part of your heart that stores the flame of your existence.

Carefully you nurture the flame of your soul. You know it has always been there.

You accept the flame of who you are. It has always been alive within you.

Hope is the flame you hold within. Daily attention to this flame will make it stronger until your room is filled with its light.

This is who you are.