“The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.” Mahatma Gandhi What three wishes would you ask to be granted to you, if you were to meet the one person on earth who could grant you those wishes?

May I make a suggestion?

The first wish to ask for is the gift of forgiveness.

There are many experiences in your life. You have not told anyone about them. They are your secret locked away in places no one can reach. You hold an opinion about these experiences.

How would your life change if the gift of forgiveness would erase any feelings of self criticism, self talk that makes you out to be less than you are or a person not worthy of love?

The gift of forgiveness brings light where there is darkness. It can free up your energy to focus on what is possible in your life. When the heavy burdens of self blame and guilt are held, you are stuck beyond measure.

Now, you ask for the forgiveness your heart has wanted for a long time.

Like an explorer who has found treasure, you open your heart for the first time to release the burden you have held so long.

You are forgiven.

When you declare it from the treasure chest of your heart, you are forgiven.

This is who you are.

Tomorrow, the gift of Acceptance.