We have been trained to grasp for more, achieve great things, don’t stop until we get to the top and then want more. So when I suggest we just stop for a few minutes and rest in the peace of our heart it is a tall order.

Your ego mind talks and talks and talks, will it just not be quiet?

It seems the mind will not stop talking, judging and analyzing where we have been, where we are going and how the hell will we get there?

In the years of our training first as kids learning how the family works and how to get the love and attention we wanted we were fast to learn the ropes.

As we did all this learning the voices of the adults became our own.

Here we are in our present state wondering what it will take to bring peace to our heart.

Meditation they say is great but how do you quiet the mind while you are trying to do that?

Practice that’s how. You decide to bring peace to your heart and then you take a few minutes to practice that.

The old voice will kick and scream for a while and yet as you practice daily you will notice the voice getting softer, less demanding and finally peaceful.

Tall order? Perhaps. Yet we can learn that this moment is enough.

We just need to accept it for our self and rest in the quiet of our heart. It is a beautiful creative space of enough.