We have been brought up to acquire things. We buy cars, homes, furniture and all kinds of stuff. The more we have the more we are to be satisfied with our status in our community. We have learned to build fences around the stuff we own as though it is permanent. It will always be mine until I say otherwise.

Yet, we know in our heart that there is a separation created by declaring ownership. I own this so you don’t. Too bad for you.

I will share it if I want to but don’t expect to treat it like you own it. It is only borrowed until I take it back.

We are living as though we are separate, yet in our heart we feel the connection to all things.

You have every right to own whatever stuff you want. It is not a bad thing.

How then do we live in a connected way?

Take the journey inward to your essential self, that place of truth that came with you when you arrived.

Rather than saying this is mine, speak from a place of connection to all things.

“This is me, I bring love today and how may I be of service to my fellow man?”