“Nobody even imagines how well one can lie about the state of one’s own heart.”  ― Yukio Mishima

The first person to tell the truth about the state of your heart will have to be you.

None of us can see past the wall you have put up to guard against the pain of someone discovering the reality of your life.

We live in a world of walls and fences made up of concrete and wire and words. All three will do in a certain time and place. All three serve their purpose to keep out possible intruders.

Why is it you have these walls built to supposedly protect your heart? It is a foolhardy game at best.

For in the end, it is in the letting go of all that you hold on to that you will be in the best place to keep what you most desire.

That may be love, I don’t know for you.

Whatever it is that you most desire can only come of age when the fences come down and you let go of the rubble.

This is who you are