When you think you are done…Guess again. I was reading an article about a fellow running a 250 Kilometer race in the desert.

I am not sure why he would do this but everyone to their own.

We all have experiences we want to have or have had that somehow challenge us about what we thought were our limits.

The story goes about this fellow that when he was thirty kilometers from the finish line his body was completely spent, he didn’t have anything left and he had reached the limits of his physical endurance. Or so he thought.

Then he started to speed up. He said the last five kilometers  were probably the fastest he had run all day.

This is amazing to learn that when we think we are done, we really have more within us that we haven’t touched yet.

Scientists have discovered that the brain actually puts limits on our endurance and capability. The limits to our possibilities are actually being dictated by a complex set of factors like perceived fatigue and motivation all being analyzed by our brain and fed back to us which limits our potential.

I am not a scientist so I won’t even try to explain the complexities.

However, imagine if we can go further than we thought we could?

It appears that we can.

The limits can come off once you are aware of certain factors about yourself such as motivation and fatigue.

The reason this fascinated me is since I study mindfulness, I am acutely aware of how most of us are not sensitized to how we are in our physical, emotional or thinking self.

We blast through our day without the awareness which could lead to managing ourselves better.

If we can gain more awareness we can stretch our horizons beyond our historical belief patterns.

Could this lead to greater self confidence, more happiness and more joy?

I think it has great possibility.

So I decided to take this information and apply myself to meditation and mindful living so I can see where my self imposed limits are.

At the same time imagining as I go the possibility through mindful awareness that thmits I thought I had don’t really exist.

I know we can all go further than we think we can.

This is who you are.