There is more in you and I than we realize.  

I am on a program to lose sixteen pounds. I gave myself what looks like a big goal. It has been hard.


When I take it easy on the bike or treadmill I know I’ve given myself a day off.


When I eat the extra sandwich I know I’ve put myself in the penalty box because more effort will be required to meet my goal.


When I work hard in my routine at the gym, I feel good.

I’ve done the best I can and then some. It feels like progress.


Then I notice the gremlins of habit talking to me.


Eat more, have another coffee, take a nap and take some time off, you deserve it.


The urges of the child temp me into old behaviors that will take me further from my goal.


It is best, I have found, to acknowledge these urges and then let them go. There is little to be gained by fighting them.


Yes, the letting go takes discipline but I have found it can be done.


I think intention has a lot to do with it. There is a way I want to be in my world which includes my health.


The gremlins of habit don’t care if I bow to them or not. It is my choice.


Within each of us there is more in us than meets the eye. Yes, we have history which has created habits but they are not set in stone.


The habits of old are broken through your intention and mine to dig deeper than we did yesterday so we can have more of what we want in this moment.


This is who you are.