Here you are in a new year with new goals, new clothes and a new gym membership. All for the good of the “old bod” right?

I am sure most of you not only want the “old bod” to be in  better shape but you also want to focus on emotional maturity, spiritual development and a renewed sense of tuning into that authentic part of you.

Here’s the thing about change.

There is always a part of it that is unknown.

When you first start all you have is a set of instructions or plan to follow that is intended to get you to where you want to go.

However, if you are not willing to be in the unknown part, you will attempt to skip ahead to get faster results or you will quit because the certainty you wanted isn’t showing up.

There is no certainty in change except for the change its self.

That means you will need to live in the moment rather than living in the goal of the end product.

Sure you can visualize the beautiful you that will emerge at the end of the process. However if you obsess about it you will lose the power of the moment.

Right now, right here you must engage in exactly what you need to be doing to fulfill your intention not your goal.

You have all that it takes. You might have to up your patience level but hey, you can do that to.