Have you ever bought a treadmill promising yourself this was the answer you were looking for? Yup, great body, lose fat and build the cardio to athletic perfection.

I bought one too. It became the most expensive clothes hanger in the house.

So with promises broken to shape up my body and a resignation that it would not happen, I sold it. Gave me lots more room in the basement to store stuff.

The treadmill of life is a little different. It looks like where you work and live.

It is made up of family and work colleagues that may or may not understand you.

It is the demands on your time from spouse, kids, career and community that make up a never ending treadmill of continuous activity with which you are charged with the responsibility to keep up and excel at.

Run hard and run fast the treadmill is on an incline so you have to work harder just to maintain the status quo.

How the heck do you get off the treadmill?

One of the ideas I have is to notice that a moving treadmill is like running a never ending race. Awareness of where you are and what race you are in is the first step to healing.

In a race your pace is important. If you put everything in up front there won’t be much left at the end, which on this treadmill never looks like it’s coming anyway so you give it all you’ve got all the time.

I know most of you love what you do so you need to pace yourself on this treadmill. All your buddies have one too. See how they are doing and you will have an idea of how you are doing.

Give yourself choice. This treadmill runs forever and will outlast you.

So I suggest you take a break, have a cup of tea.

Some of you may decide to get off the treadmill. This could be a good choice if you don’t trade it for a nastier one.

If you just take a tea break you can sit back for a few minutes and just look and feel how this treadmill affects your life and what the impact will be when you get back on.

Maybe just maybe, there is a way for you to slow it down or sell it.

Now there’s a thought!


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