The love in your heart blossoms like flowers on a spring morning. The sun shines, the love blossoms and all appears well. There is a familiarity with those we love, the things we love and the places we love.

Yet the world is an evolutionary place. There is no such thing as permanence. It is all so fleeting.

The power of love is sweet. The pain of love is deep with such attachment that the prospect of letting go is not on the radar.

Sweet love expressed is delicious, beautiful and joosey. It is a part of life that is life.

No reason to deny the sweet love just let it be. Let it blossom in the right time.

Let it go when the events of life bring the connection to an end but maybe not the love. We move on anyway.

The pain of loving so deeply is sweet. It is rich and it does not relinquish to anything else.

Let the love for you be sweet and deep.


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