The sun rose today behind the clouds. Even though you could not see it, up it came to provide warmth and nourishment to our planet. The sun will go down tonight too.

Then tomorrow the sun will rise again just as it has for a millennium.

When there is trouble brewing in your world you can know that with any darkness there is always light. The sun will rise.

For every closed door there is one open that you do not see yet.

For every lost love there is one waiting for you to be ready to accept it.

There is no permanence in our world although it seems to look that way.

Stuff wears out, friends come and go, relationships end, your company is sold and your magnificent self ages with beauty.  Nothing lasts forever.

When you cannot find something you think you need in this moment, just know that it is lurking around a corner you have not come to yet.

The journey of your life is a continuous evolving experience in which sometimes it seems that something is missing in the moment. Don’t worry, keep looking it is within your grasp. Just don’t quit until the miracle occurs.

I know it seems difficult. At times your breath is taken away as you survey where you are. Just know the sun will rise again tomorrow as the next turn in your road becomes visible.

In the fog and clouds you cannot see too far ahead. Do not give up the journey.

Reaffirm your intention and set your sites on the next step. Take a deep breath and behold the sun rising in your life.

You are a marvelous creation of the Divine and all that can hold you back is when you close your eyes and say, “I am done.” Nothing less.