You can tell the storm is coming.

The sky gets darker.

The clouds move faster.

The wind is cold on your face.

Storm clouds.jpeg

It feels like you have to pull your jacket closed.

The storm builds until the rain comes in  torrents.

Sound familiar?

The Storm around you created by family or people you know does not have to embrace you too.

However, given your conditioned response with a desire to help it is common to reach in and try to help someone in the middle of a storm in their life.

This is a time for you to go to the still place within you.

No need to be a participant in the storm.

You simply acknowledge it.

Allow yourself to feel what you feel.

At the same time connect to your still point within and keep your feet on the ground.

This allows for clearer thinking and a more focused response.

You have a better chance of seeing what you need to do from this place of calmness.

No matter the depth and breadth of the storm, the quiet place is always available to you.

This is who you are.