The squirrel hangs precariously from the wall of the garage with one leg wrapped around the dried out hanging basket of what used to be flowers. He is having his winter mid day snack made up of old flowers and roots. He must be a vegetarian.

The big black and white Magpies see him and over they come like a gang of bullies to take over what the squirrel seems to value.

They operate on the side of the story that says if you like it then it must be good so I’ll take it.

How can these Magpies be so jealous of a dried out flower basket full of old roots? When I’ve seen them in the neighborhood they appear to like meaty things better. Their jealousy is getting the better of them.

The squirrel stands its ground until it is finished. The Magpies are left to scrounge the bits of leftovers that fall to the frozen ground.

When the squirrel is done the Magpies also fly away. This is strange since they put so much effort into making life for the squirrel miserable.

That’s jealousy for you. If you are jealous of what a friend or colleague has done or has appeared to have done then you will be left with any leftover bits that fall from it.

Why would you take the time and energy to wait for the small bits of leftovers to fall to the ground?

You are big, you are strong, you are smart and adventurous so find your own basket of opportunity and pour yourself into it.

That’s the way to live freely.