There is a space called awareness. You may not be aware of it at any particular moment. The rigors of day to day life close the door to awareness from you.

So away you go day after day not being in touch with feelings, words, actions and when you stop there is a crash as you slump into a pile of exhaustion.

You don’t need awareness to live or to be in this life at least some would say that.

When you go forth into your day without awareness you have lost connection to your soul, your intuition and your internal guidance system.

You see, each of us is a marvelous, intuitive being that has the capability to be sensitive to events around us, to go into a quiet space and ask for direction and to be in connection with those we love in a deep and profound way.

So choose awareness in your life. It is better. It will contribute richness to your experience that is otherwise missing.

All it takes is your attention to where you are at any moment.