There is a space between us that looks infinite. We want to pretend we are separate. My space is my space and you call your space yours.

All your toys are yours and your life is your own. Let us not mistake each other for being the same for each of us is unique. Are we not?

Yes, we are all unique in some way. There are no two of us alike.

Yet do we not share the same air?

Do we not share the same origin even if we have to go a millennium back to make the connection?

You may think your actions and thoughts don’t have any connections to anyone else.

In a flash you can say something or act in a certain way that will change lives around you forever.

Your energy goes before you. Did you know that?

Scientists say you have a circle of energy of six to ten feet. You walk into a room and the whole energy changes whether you realize it or not.

It just looks like there is space between us. It is filled with energy, yours and mine.

Neither of us can walk, talk, think nor act without an impact on the other.

With that in mind be aware today that you move your world and mine so let us be kind, gentle, loving and compassionate. Then there will be a result both of us will cherish.