We are often stunned by the suddenness of how our life changes on a daily basis. The idea we have that everything is permanent leaves us with a life view that what looks solid will stay solid.

Not so.

Things wear out. People leave us in one way or another. Careers come and go and we stretch for a certainty in our health and well being.

To face the constant uncertainty of our lives leaves us scrambling to keep everything in place and when it is jolted out of place to get back there as quickly as possible.

The possibility is available to us to live with an understanding of the uncertainty and be okay with that.

Letting go of the resistance to the constant change that life has to offer is the key. Our energy is freed up to be in the moment where we are rather than the scrambling of trying to put something back in place.

If you have experienced an event recently that rocked your world then you are in the moment when change is most noticeable.

This is a moment of becoming aware of how you feel, act and talk to yourself about what is going on.

The place to gain a foothold is with your authentic self. That part of you that knows the truth of you and knows your capability to weather the storm of turmoil.

There is peace in feeling your engagement in the change. No more need for resistance. 


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