“Life is like the river, sometimes it sweeps you gently along and sometimes the rapids come out of nowhere.”  Emma Smith Your life flows and goes on whether you are aware of the flow or not.

With each passing day the river of life in which you are on stretches out from its headwaters to its final destination.

The urgency to get something done grows within you as the days pass.

At times you float gently along and the rhythm lulls you into a consistent routine that is comfortable and manageable and it seems like life will carry on like this for a long time.

Then the rapids show up at the least opportune moment throwing you from side to side and waking you from the unconsciousness of your day.

Then you have the choice to fight the rapids or go with the flow to allow the river to show you the way.

The secret is in knowing you can choose your reaction to the river. You can choose to follow the clues that have been given to you that will show you the path opening up to a new possibility.

The way you navigate is up to you.

This is who you are.