Hopeful Notes BookThere are two big days looming outside our door. Yep, Christmas day, if you celebrate it, is only days away and then New Years day.

Can you feel everything speeding up?

There are deals to be done and they must be done by December 31st or they fail. The deal makers are scrambling to get everything in order, everyone must pull their weight or all is lost.

The children must have presents. Not just one but the special one plus others to fill the space.

I talked to one aunt that has six children to buy for. What? Yes, every one of her nieces and nephews must have the perfect gift.

She is out of breath describing her trip to the mall. Crunch time she says and this weekend will be the big shop!

How fast can you drive?

How far can you walk in the shortest possible time?

How much can you get done at work to beat the deadline?

How much sleep will you miss?

Oh my, it just feels like too much.

How can we make it up differently?

We can design our time in a nurturing way.

What does your hearts say?

The speed with which we drive, shop and do deals will not make a better life.

We are much more than this. So much more.

I promise to give myself a breathing break at least three times a day.