The only thing that can make us uncomfortable with being alone is not liking who we are. That's what we do when we face the wall: we face who we are. Merle Kodo Boyd

There comes a time when the wall comes up to meet us. It is a time of great transition and personal renewal. The way to the other side is to face the wall, stand in the discomfort and open your heart to a new possibility. Our ego self always wants to keep things the same. It likes the current status quo. There is nothing to change it will say. Just wait until things settle down and you’ll be on your way. So goes the self talk. Your heart knows better. Yet the heart can only provide direction when you choose to listen. In my opinion every turn in the road or wall that is presented is a form of practice to give you new skills to have the life you want. When you are in the well of darkness it can be hard to see this. So I am here to tell you there is always light. I have had this gift given to me several times. Then with gratitude once again go into the quiet space to listen for the guidance. Self love will blossom. You will know you are awesome. This is who you are.