Do not underestimate the power of your heart. It is intelligent. It is a living organism that sends out energy waves ahead of you.

Your heart delivers more information to your brain than it receives.

In your heart you can place the most precious things like the love of your children, your family, your visions and your community.

You can respectfully house your dreams in your heart with assurance no one will share them unless you choose to do so.

In your heart you can also harbor pain. The losses of the past may have a small place in your heart and you feel the twinge of pain they still bring you. Yet you do not try to withhold from these past experiences. You carry them forward as part of your wholeness.

Your wholeness is in your heart because it is the “memory” bank of your life. You may not have words for all that is held there.

Each dream, each loss, each vision rests there each in its own private place yet all of them making up the whole.

Do not underestimate the power of your heart.

Take care of it and therefore your wholeness. It is your lifeline.


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