The folk lore is that bumblebees are not supposed to be able to fly. This has been proven to be untrue because even though the bees’ wings are small compared to their body, the wings operate like a helicopter not a propeller.  

The honey bee is also miraculous in how it shows the other bees where the flowers are that need pollinating. They go into the hive and do a dance. Depending on the speed and direction of the dance the other bees know where to go to find the flowers. 


Amazing stories are everywhere if we look for them.


What is yours?


Most of us have overcome, gone through or transcended life’s obstacles, difficulties and challenges.


The fact that you made it here is a miracle. Is it not?


You learned how to walk, talk, ride a bike, learn math and other stuff. You have applied the miracle of your intellectual ability to learn to the life that has been presented to you.


This makes you a miracle in my book.


So, the opinion you hold about yourself has a lot to do with whether you see yourself as miracle or not.


Take today and live as the miracle you are. See if it makes a difference.


It might include more compassion, self love, generosity and resilience.

Every day do something kind for yourself. It’s like giving a gift to someone you love. The gift affirms your love.


Then try it again the next day. One day at a time build a history of a miraculous life.


This is who you are.