When a child is born there is a sense that a miracle has taken place. This tiny baby has all the moving parts that are complex and somewhat unexplained that will work endlessly for the good of this child.

There will, of course, be adjustments made as the child learns and is taught how to get along in the family. The child must also learn how to get along in a big world, one that initially seems very large and unknown.

This child is learning how to live their life within the confines of the school called family.

There is everything available to this child, at least in theory. There may be limitations that show up that no one could have guessed would become a part of this child’s life.

 Still the miracle of this child remains, no matter the limitations. The miracle may have gone underground or been put away unconsciously yet it still remains.

How then might this child once again remember the miracle of their birth and thus the miracle of their life?

Each one of us is this child no matter our age or stage.

We have within us the flame of this miracle. When awareness is awakened and made part of our life and we blend it with an intention for our life then the miracle comes alive once more.