There is an old Willow tree in our back yard. I expect it is about fifty years old. This old tree sits majestically in its place. Its roots go down deep into the earth.

Some of the limbs have been cut off and the old tree has been pruned many times. Yet it keeps growing new branches every year.

The energy of growth is within this tree never to be stopped until the day it is completely removed. Even then the energy will be transferred to another growth spot because energy never dies it is just transformed.

There is majesty and presence in this solid old tree. You can stand near it and feel the energy of its presence. You just know if it had a voice it would say I am here to stay and be a part of this backyard and play my part to the fullest.

There is nothing missing for this tree. Sure it has some branches missing but it used that extra energy to produce new branches. There is a wholeness about it that permeates the air.

It also has purpose.

It is a highway for the squirrels.

It is a rest stop for the birds

It is a shade tree for the back yard.

It has great visual appeal in its form.

This old tree is patient as it waits for the nourishment of rain and sun.

When winter comes it rests quietly with the snow swirling all around.

The old tree fulfills its role with a quiet solidity. No fuss about it. It just lives in the back yard being a beautiful old tree.

The patience, quietness, constant growth and the lack of fuss perhaps have a lesson for us.

What if you were to just be where you are with acceptance, grace, energy, patience and an acknowledgement of the season of your experience?

What if you make a choice to live with a quiet certainty that not only are you in the right place but it is also the right time?

Notwithstanding the hurts that may come along, you simply choose to live in the presence of your life right now.

You see the one power you have the tree does not is the power to choose. You have within you an inner heart knowing which you can activate and in so doing change the course of your life.

However, nothing changes until you decide that it will change. Then whatever you are looking at has a different look to it.

The power is with you. Right here. Right now.