Our fundamental risk of life is our breathing. How do you know you will take your next breath? You don’t even think about it because it is automatically taken care of for you.

The reflex of breathing is all about accepting into your body nourishment to keep it going, and then letting it go when it has done its job of providing life giving oxygen.

All day long you are accepting and letting go without a perception of noticing what is going on.

Life is the transitional journey which is about accepting and letting go. People and experiences come and go in your life. At one moment you accept what is given and the next moment you let it go because it is done.

You may or may not have a specific situation that has you noticing this transition. Yet here we all are in this moment and every moment which is one of transition.

It can only be that way because the next moment will not be like the last one.

Still you breathe accepting the nourishment and then let it go. How do you accept the ever evolving transitions in your life?

When an event happens like someone says something to you or your boss makes a comment or you have an encounter with your former love partner. Your mind comes to realize that you are in transition and your old reflexes kick in. It’s time to speed up or flee or hunker down for the fight.

You see, life transition never stops whether there is a specific event or not. So speeding up your delivery or geographically changing location or speaking your mind in an angry way about what happened will not change anything.

What could you do instead?

You are really being asked to face yourself and be still from the inside out in the moment.

Breathe, slow down and access your essential self.

The access to your capacity of your essential self lies in becoming aware of your knowing. When you access your knowing you expand your capacity to face any situation. This is an aspect of you that provides for acceptance and letting go.

Then you see with the eyes of your soul instead of the eyes of your ego.

This is what sets you free while you are on the journey of transition called life.