“Under the thinning fog the surf curled and creamed, almost without sound, like a thought trying to form in self on the edge of consciousness.” Raymond Chandler Have you ever sat on the beach by the sea when the fog was so heavy you could only see a few feet out?

Life is like that sometimes, isn’t it?

You can’t see your next step. You are not sure what direction to go or who to call.

The reality of being on life’s journey.

When you are on the beach and the fog is thick, did you experience an increase in the sharpness of your hearing?

Did you feel your stillness inside? You were trying to see with your inner eyes.

Yes, those faculties that you have available but rarely use.

The great thing about this is that whether there is fog in your life or not you can use your inner guidance system.

It is always there within you.

This is who you are.