“All things are possible to him who believes; that they are less difficult to him that hopes;

that they are more easy to him who loves,

and still more easy to him who perseveres in the practice of these virtues.” Brother Lawrence

The way you are living your life may satisfy you.

Only you know the answer to that question.

Yet, there appears to be a discomfort with the way lives are unfolding.

Now we are older, supposedly wiser and yet deep inside there is a disappointment that there could have been more.

This is the entry point to your journey of self.

It’s more than a new shirt or a new skirt although I suppose that might help.

It’s the sense that if you believe in a new outcome that you can actually have it.

As you start your journey, you take it in small steps and build your confidence.

As your confidence grows hope starts to vibrate in your heart.

Joy comes to visit briefly and you want more.

So you take the next step on your journey and you expand love for yourself.

Then, through perseverance, you feel the joy birthing and growing in your heart.

This is who you are