There is an old song that says, “Letting go is hard to do.” What I have noticed is that the ego wants to hold on forever.

The ego is a part of us that got developed when we were kids and the voice of the people with influence around us came to us with authority.

We learned how to be and do in the world.

I was in the grocery store the other day and a mom with her two and a half year old was showing her the ropes, so to speak.

The little girl ran into me with her shopping cart which prompted a debrief by the mom on how to act in the store.

Then I met the child again at the apple stand where she was gleefully and with focus rearranging the fruit into different categories. Smart kid.

Mom came along and that ended it for the child with another lecture on how to act in the store, for example, don’t touch anything.

So in a matter of minutes this child received some important messages about how to act in the world and perhaps interpreted those messages to mean something about her.

When you reflect on your experience you will see how your ego voice was developed based on messages you received.

The voice of mother soon becomes your own voice so you can evaluate, criticize, promote and strategize about life.

Once the ego is firmly established which happens early on we have a job ahead of us to have it let go of old strategies that are no longer effective.

The ego can only operate from history so if you want to change your strategy of life, if you want to know your authentic self and if you want to know the voice of your soul then you will need to teach the ego to let go.