Hopeful Notes BookThe end of the year is always a reflective time. This year I decided to look into the notion of value. What is it I value and how do I bring that into the world. Here’s how the conversation went with Myself...

Myself:        What is it you most value?

Me:              The first answer that came was money.

Myself:        Why money?

Me:              Because if I had all the money I needed I would feel substantial.

Myself:        Oh then what you really value is being substantial.

Me:              Yes, that’s right because most of the time I feel like a character in a coloring book with no substance until I am all colored inside the lines.

Myself:        What allows for the color to come?

Me:             When I write Hopeful Notes and when I write books, I just don’t have any feeling of boundaries, judgements or assumptions, so I feel filled up with love and energy.

Myself:        Well, there you have it, you just need to follow that and 2013 will be a great year.