Hopeful Notes BookThere are many doors facing you every day. Each one is a choice from which you must choose your direction. To walk through one door may mean you practice compassion with someone who has been difficult in your life.

One door is blame through which you choose to give away the responsibility for your life to someone else.

The other door is unknown. There are so many that are unknown.

You do not know what you will face until you choose to walk through the door marked as “unknown” and still keep walking.

The fear that arises with the unknown door can stop you, then that becomes the door of fear.

Whatever your choice today of the door you choose be fully in the experience.

Let your intuition guide you as your heart races.

Listen to the voice that will guide you when the lights go out on this path you have chosen and still you keep walking.

There is nothing that can stop you on any path you choose. Choose to go through the door that is shown to you and choose to have it make your life richer because of it.