The door is open when there are so many changes in your life that you just feel overwhelmed. You get to the point where you just stop and let out a big sigh, let all the air out of your lungs and let go.

People leaving, kids running wild, appointments not kept and promises made that turned out to be hollow.

You counted on someone to come through for you and they didn’t.

You decided to take a course that would change your life and realized after two classes that it wasn’t your right place.

Is there no way that things can be perfect the way they were?

You feel like your world is askew.

However, it is actually perfect! When there is so much change in your life that it takes your breath away you can guarantee that you are in a new place.

No going back now. The penny has dropped. The door is open.

Now you drop into that place of your essential self that always knows the truth about you. You ask to be shown the next step. Then you confidently go about doing the next thing that is in front of you to do.