If only you had the courage to relax. Just to stop for a few minutes and enjoy the breeze on your face, the warmth of the sun on your shoulders and the slowing of mind thoughts. It is all a race to get somewhere. Where is that somewhere, no one seems to know.

Yet day after day there is an incessant drive to go faster, do more or find a new angle.

The complexity of our nature makes this an exciting adventure. The thrill of winning or being the first pushes us to our limits.

The courage to relax is that choice to listen to your heart and ask if a time out is a good idea.

Your ego mind will tell you no.  To take time out is a waste of time. You are an important person. You have places to go, kids to pick up, dinners to make, entertainment to organize and generally fill in your time with the needs and wants of a world on steroids

You do not have to relax.

You do not even need to consider the idea.

I just wonder if you have the courage to do it given all the external demands on your life that look so important in the moment.