When we hold judgement about ourselves or someone else we have clenched our fists and our bodies and our spirits to hold on to something the ego says is important.  

Judgement is a position that demands your ego be right about something.


Your ego voice says, you are not good enough, you are not smart enough or you don’t fit in. There are many more versions of the judgmental voice that you hear and listen to every day.


The release comes with acceptance.


You can accept the essential self you are is pure gold.


You are gold because of your preciousness to this venture called life and to this village to which you belong .


Your nature is unique to you. Others have their nature as well. Each one a gift to the tribe. 


Each one called upon to stand up and be counted on to bring their gifts when they are needed.


There is not a role for judgment here,only acceptance.


The breathless urgency with which your tribe needs you now leaves no room for you to judge yourself less than capable.


Your essential self carries the wisdom you have and it is needed now.


Go ahead and allow it to shine forth.


This is who you are.