When a boat is at anchor you will always know where to find it. The anchor is solidly attached to the ground. You can depend on it being available to anchor the boat again tomorrow.

You have a place within you that is your anchor. You know it by the feel of your body, mind and spirit.

When you are in touch with your anchor you will always know what alignment feels like. When you are off track on your journey you will also know that.

How will you know?

You will have a sense of being off balance. It feels like everything you are doing is a hard chore rather than fun, inspiring and fulfilling.

This may seem somewhat simplified. Yet this place of anchor within you is a powerful place. It is a place where information is passed from your heart to your active mind.

Your anchor is a power center that you can tap into and attach to and express from whenever you are attached and aligned with it.

So if you are feeling like you are off your “game” or feeling like things are difficult then return to your anchor place.

The alignment of your energy coming from the silence of your heart creates a powerful opening for you to bring your expression into the world in a way that feels fulfilling.