Hopeful Notes BookWe live our lives with a construct made up from childhood as to how our life should play out. The circumstances do not always match our picture.

We begin to feel like we live in a box with no door.

Day after day our life unfolds to reveal something we do not like, someone we do not connect to and circumstances that seem to be out of our control.

What happened? We ask ourselves.

How did I find myself in this strange landscape that looks and feels like I am a stranger in it?

Do not fret my friend. Life is evolving in a way that neither you nor I can put a finger on.

Yet we will find the jewels hidden in our experience that we did not previously see by staying present in the moment just one moment at a time

There is no doubt that energy is spent on our day to day living. You are just being asked to practice a presence that is connected to your heart that will provide you the opportunity to see what is there for you in this moment.

As you practice, your eye sight to see the little gems not seen before grows stronger but you must practice.

Make the practice of your life to be present to what your eyes can see and your heart can be grateful for and then each day will be added to another such that your life takes on a richness.