The bird flies here and there traversing large expanses and dropping seeds as it goes. This is not a conscious act. No one hired the bird and said, “Go here and go there to deliver these seeds I am giving you.”

It is part of nature that one of the players in the drama is the birds.

Some of the seeds flourish and some die. That is also part of nature.

We humans are like birds. Wherever we go we leave seeds in the form of words, deeds and attitudes.

Our outstanding attribute though is that unlike birds we have the power of choice. Totally unconsciously, because we are not present to our journey, we hurt someone. One more seed dropped into the life of another with an outcome we did not consciously choose.

You have the choice to be present in your life. It is a practice like no other that calls for discipline, thought and action to bring the seeds you choose at that moment.

Use your power wisely.