No one told the bee about love. It just knows its lovers are the flowers.  

Each one kissed by the other in a loving embrace that lasts only seconds until the next one.


What kind of love is this?


It is a love created by nature in which the flower and the bee willingly engage from their essence. It’s just what they were born with and in the process they add beauty and grace to our world.


If we could talk to each of them, they would speak of passion, connection and grace.


It is a natural state for them.


How is it you love?


Love is the foundation of your natural state. It is part of your essential self.


The capacity to love has been given to you as a gift for yourself and the world.


What message of love and self acceptance have you given yourself lately?


The essence of you is love. You were born with it.


It goes beyond what you and I were taught. It is deeper than that.


The love you are is a love that can light the world when you activate it for you. First you then, if you choose, for someone else.


Above all make it count for you first.


This is who you are.