Your aim is important. Where you want to go is something one must ponder and take into their heart. The intelligence of your heart and the intention for your life are powerful allies on your journey.

You may wonder where these allies have gone if you have the sense they are missing for you.

Even if you don’t feel them in this moment they are still there.

An arrow shot from a bow streaks toward its target based on the preparation made before hand.

The archer prepared the equipment, set the string and practiced the precision and tension with which the arrow would be let go for the best results. It is all preparation.

The arrow is on its own once it has left the bow. The archer must let the arrow take its path once it is released. It has energy and direction toward the target.

Take your time to prepare your intention well. Take your time to get to know the intelligence of your heart and the voice that comes with it. These bring energy to your life’s direction.

Be clear on setting your direction through your intention. Once you do you unleash forces in the universe that will come to bear on the outcome beyond your preparations.

You are a master archer. You have unparalleled equipment that goes with you on your journey.  It is only through preparation, awareness and practice you can bring all that you have to creating the outcome you desire.

Whatever your circumstance, wherever your journey takes you there is no one who is as well equipped as you for your journey.

Take the next step to make sure you know how best to use all this magnificence for your life.