The Crab apple tree in the yard is full of juicy red ripe tiny apples. I am sure they are tart and sour to taste. Yet they look so beautiful shinning in the sun. Now, the tree cannot hold on to the apples. It has done its part to nurture the seeds, create the apple blossoms and bring forth the full harvest of apples.

The wind comes up and many apples fall to the ground. They look like shiny red and yellow candy drops on the ground.

The shedding of the apples is a natural process. We expect every fall season to have the apples strewn about the yard.

What is it in your life that you are complete with? You have given your energy to nurture it, you fed the seeds and they blossomed into fullness.

Now, the season has come to let it go and rest in the memory of what was a beautiful synergy.

There was a quality of giving and receiving to be honoured in the relationship that lasted for the time that it did and it was the right time.

In the fall season, there is always the harvest. It brings both the joy of the joy of freedom of a job well done and the sadness of a relationship ending.

Even in the sadness of letting go of the harvest you can be pleased with the effort you gave and the energy you gave and the growth space you gave. It truly was a gift and you can be grateful for all that has been.

Now, it is time for the apples to go from the tree. Now is the time for you to move on.


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