Once you roll out of your thirties you have this notion that you are now in mid life. You are available for a mid life crisis like a divorce, career change or health problem.

You are known as the sandwich generation having to deal with children growing up and at the same time your parents are still alive but getting more frail and needing more of your help. All these so called mid life issues seem to be right with you.

It all seems so strange doesn’t it?

How on earth did mid life arrive so soon?

Well, I think it is a figment of your imagination.

Sure you are becoming more mature but you have a lot of living to do yet.

You might have fifty, sixty or even seventy years left to go on this planet so no point worrying about something called “mid life”.

Is there such a thing anymore? I don’t think so.

Life is lived in the present moment. If you want a benchmark for where you are take inventory of this moment because in the next moment it has changed.

You have a precious life. Treat it as such. Not a moment to waste in bringing your sweet self to the game of life and putting forth your intention.

When you have your intention set then that becomes your guide and you go from there.

No words have been put to paper yet, although many of us have tried, that would describe the incredible human being you are and what is possible when you tune your consciousness to the present moment and ask, “How shall I live in this moment?”