The tears pour down the front of her heart reflecting the pain she feels for all the losses. Her body feels the twists and turns both inside and out.

Can a forty-two year old really have had this much to bear?

Yes, anyone can suffer loss, big loss at any age. There are no barriers to who has to navigate a turn in the road of life and when that turn will come along.

It is this time to remember who you are.

There is a fire within you that is the essential nature of self that lives to express itself in the greatest possible way as you.

What once was pain turns to gold as the gifts are unearthed surrounding the archaeological site of where you are on your journey.

All that you have experienced and all that you will experience are a part of your unique journey that when examined provide the gifts of what looked to be unforgivable.

Truly each one of us is a unique being on a unique path that no one can walk for us.

Let us walk with the knowledge that we are so beautiful in our expression of pain or joy.

For it is in the expression that the gift is returned.

This is who you are.