You would think after all these years I would realize how task oriented I am. boxI was moving stuff around on the weekend when I realized how happy I was.

The question came up in my mind, how come you are so happy.

The answer was simple.

The task was clear and I felt like I was getting something done.

I knew how much time I had to complete it and I had plans as to how to carry out the task.

It seems to me I have been trained early on to live in a world with edges.

What’s the goal?

What’s the plan?

How much time do I have ?

Who is on my team to help me?

All these questions toward accomplishment are what I call creating the box questions.

When the playing field is known many of us are way more comfortable than not, even if the task is a big one.

I also know people who live without edges.

Rather than go into a store to buy the item they are looking for and getting out, they take extra time to look around at all the colorful objects and stuff as though it has something to do with the goal.

What I found out is these people have more interest in the process rather than the end point.

What makes them happy is to be in the experience of the experience.

The endpoint is only something you get to, if you do, after you have filled up with the experience of the moment.

If you are in a relationship with a person like this you will have to monitor your frustration level if you are task oriented.

You have a master plan to get the job done and your partner has it within them to enjoy the experience of the task.

It is a totally different way to live.

That is why those of us who have lived with edges always get nervous when things change. We prefer to have everything stable.

You can learn to live without some edges, which I have done but the edges keep creeping back.

The fun part is to explore what the possibilities of your life could be if you took off the edges.

It opens up a wider vista of life.

You feel the tension in your gut because you don’t know the next step.

The possibility of awakening the part of you that calls on your intuitive knowing is exciting.

We will always get what we always got if we keep doing the same old thing.

Take a page from the other side and see what life could be like without edges.

This is who you are.