You have been a good soldier in your life. You made it through your family growing up. You were a good girl or boy.

You learned how the game was played so you could get the love you needed/wanted.

You learned how to protect yourself from harm.

You studied the land of the giants until you became one yourself.

Now you teach the little ones how to be good soldiers, follow rules, figure out a strategy and lead others down the safe path.

Now it is time to take off your suit of armor.

You know that by opening to your connection to universal energy you will learn far more than your mind will tell you.

You can know that becoming vulnerable to yourself and connecting from within that the next step is shown through your heart not your mind.

You can know that by engaging your powerful self as yourself through your heart that more is revealed to you than ever before.

In order to do this the armor must come off. The openness to your own magnificence must be acknowledged in the face of your ego telling you otherwise.

Yes, friend, when the armor comes off the vision for your life becomes clearer in this moment than ever before.