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How's It Goin'?

Every once in a while it is good to sit back for a while and ask yourself some questions. The idea of taking inventory is to raise your awareness of where you are both from the interior and the exterior.

Your interior weather system is an important one to be aware of.

Many of us put aside our sensitivity as to how we were feeling when we were growing up. The feelings were big and bold and some of us were told what to do with them.

Every day take a few minutes to ask:

How am I right now? How do I feel?

How is my attitude about where I am at in my life?

Do a scan of your physical, emotional and intellectual body.

Is there pain?

Is there anxiety?

Is there a nonstop dialogue going on about something that happened days ago?

Are you judging something or someone?

These are just a few of the questions you can ask yourself.

When you take inventory of your life you are fulfilling your responsibility to be as awake as you can in the moment.

This is good.

This is who you are.




Accept Who You Are

You are so much more than your physical package of bones and skin and blood and water. We see our self in the mirror and we look so real with our frizzy hair, freckles and wrinkles.

The essence of you though lies beyond the surface of what you see.

We now know your heart has an energy field than goes out beyond your body some ten feet. The energy waves are sent back to your heart and brain.

You are heart connected to your world.

You have access to intelligent knowing beyond your thinking mind.

Accept the capabilities that are within you and you will understand that you are so much more than you have thought about yourself up until now.

Yes, your training has taught you how to be and act in the world around you but that is not who you are. It is how you have been taught.

Whatever decisions you make about your life let them be from your essence rather than your adapted self. The part of you that has been trained is not the part that can offer the best decisions. It is the part that will react to whatever is going on.

However, when you get in touch with your heart self you will really feel what you need in the moment.

That is where to choose life from. That is the powerful place of essential knowing that comes with every human being.

Every one of us has an essential self that can access our knowing. I call it your heart knowing.

It is about letting go of the adapted self. That trained part of us and letting our heart guide us in what to do.

Living from this essential place is a practice. It is not something we all consciously know.

However you can get to know this part of you and when you do you will feel the confidence that comes with it.

You can always trust your heart knowing. You won’t have to second guess yourself or go into analysis to see if you are right.

You will just “know”.

This is who you are.




Life is a crazy ride of joy, sadness, failure, successes, as we define them and all sorts of experiences along the way. “Live a joyful life,” we are told.


“Drink deeply from the experiences presented to you,” others will say.


We are encouraged to love ourselves, think about our life, and bring joy to every moment.


Tough instructions for a chaotic world in which there is hardly enough time to eat properly, get to work and take care of the family.


We might say life is a grand adventure with all that happens in a day. Try telling that to your upset stomach, your shoulders up around your ears and your hair going wild in the wind as you race down the freeway to your next appointment.


Ah wait, there is a way.


To handle the chaos, craziness and seemingly endless demands on your time you will have to take a break.

Your mind not only engages in your life activities it makes up stories about them.


Quiet the mind a couple of times a day and bring yourself to stillness and presence.


Make it a habit. It only needs to start with 5 minutes twice a day.


The purpose of stillness is not to feel better about what is going on. It is to awaken your capacity of your essential self.


Awakening your essential self will open your senses from the inside out and you will be much better able to take care of yourself.

Try it. You’ll like it.

This is who you are.



Life well Lived

Each of us would like to have something nice to say at the end of our days when we ait in the old rocker looking out at the hay swaying in the sun. Will Rogers said, “Even if you are on the right track, you will get run over if you just sit there.”

To be in action with intention and purpose is to bring energy, direction and contribution to your life.

A life well lived is not lived in the future or in the past. It is not lived through your children or your parents or your friends.  God knows we have enough challenge keeping track of our own life, why would we want responsibility for theirs?

Do you have an expectation of living your life fully?

Are you waiting for someone or something to change before that happens?

Now is your time.

Now is your life.

You have loads of opportunities and you can spend a lifetime sifting through them in order to choose exactly the right one.

Not much upside in doing that since life keeps moving and shifting anyway.

Just pick one from your heart and try it.

To get moving in your own life is to take the focus you have had until now off of the others in your life.

That does not mean to forgo your relations with them.

It means knowing what is important to you in your life and telling the truth about that.

Your soul’s purpose is known to you.  It is burning a hole in your pocket waiting for you to take it out.

As long as you have your eye on something else you forgo the opportunity that lies within you.

Get up, look in the mirror and see the beauty staring back at you. Surely you appreciate the miracle you see.

This is who you are.




To Be Happy

A plastic surgeon asked several of his patients why they wanted the surgery. They answered, “I just want to be happy.”  

Is this not what many of us would say if asked about our lives?


We buckle down each day to produce what is asked in the best way we know how.


What is your formula for your happiness?


When you look at this question, come to stillness and examine it from a quiet place.


Let your heart song provide the answer rather than your ego.


One aspect of happiness is how you see the world.


Some people see problems everywhere while others see opportunity.


What do you see?


Some of what you see is how you have been trained. Many of us are trained problem solvers. That unfortunately comes from our adapted self. The happiness quotient is limited here.


The challenge of having to solve problems all day is that even if you are somewhat successful, there is evidence to show that it will not leave you very happy.


There are two other elements that social scientists have proven contribute to your happiness.


The first is to live in the moment. This for me is about presence.

The way to get to presence is to put your ego to rest and engage your essential self in the moment.


Try it. It is a challenging practice given all the distractions we have in a day.


The second contributing element is the choices you make.


There are two basic choices all of us make every day.


The first is the choice for pleasure. Whatever that might be for you.


The second choice is about contribution and fulfillment. You can ask yourself what contribution you have made today that nourishes your heart.


In essence, the happiness factor is brought alive through the active relationship with your essential self.  This is a powerful aspect of you waiting to be activated.


This is who you are.




Right Now!

Do you know how many babies will be born in the next five minutes? Do you know how many people will die in the next five minutes?

I haven’t looked up the statistics to know exact numbers but I bet it’s a lot. Let’s say in the thousands.

So every minute on this planet there are people grieving the loss of a love one and there are moms and dads rejoicing in the birth of a miracle.

The question is, what are you spending your time focusing on? All the losses or all the miracles?

The miracle of your life is that you are reborn every moment both through choice and the biological nature of your makeup.

The biology takes a care of itself.

You get to take care of the choices you make as to what your life is now in this moment. That’s it. There is nowhere else to focus as far as I can see.

In this moment you may be looking at a change that needs to occur in your life.

How willing are you to engage in that change so that all your resources are brought to bear on what may be a most important time?

I have learned that the more you focus on your essential self which is the part of you that has the DNA of your purpose, your intention and your imagination, the more you will feel the surge of power flowing through you.

When your energy flow is free because you act in accordance with your knowing you activate the living miracle that appeared so long ago as you.

This is who you are.




Where The Mountain Meets The Valley

Many people live in the valley. It is comfortable, the roads are well maintained, they know each other and when tension arises they just put it aside. The people in the valley live at the foot of the mountain. The cold wind blows down into the valley and fog follows along. The people in the valley are ok with that because they are used to the fog and the cold. They just put on a heavier coat. They turn away from anything that looks like trouble.

There are a few people living up on the mountain. When they come down and they sometimes do, although not often, they report on the clarity of the air, the brilliant light and the deep hearted connections they have with neighbours. There is a lightness to them that is noticeable.

The mountain people, as they are called, seem to have a different quality to their presence than the valley people. Some living in the valley think it’s attractive and want to go and live on the mountain.

When someone chooses to start the journey up the mountain many call them back. It’s dangerous they say. You will never make it is another chant.

The reasons to stay in the valley are a comfort in a way of life that few will challenge.

Yet, those that choose to go up the mountain know they must stay the course or lose all that they want for their life.

It is not an easy journey. There are obstacles and there are openings along the way.

The question so many ask is, “What is up there anyway? We have all we need right here.”

The answer is not straight forward. The travellers talk in terms of finding their authentic self again. They want to regain and action their power that has been put aside for so many years.

The energy pushing them from inside their heart is too great to resist the journey, no matter what.

Those that stay committed to the mountain journey find lightness in their step, a broadening of their horizons and opportunities for their life they could never have imagined.

It is a breath of fresh air up the mountain, the light is brilliantly clear and you can see what is needed at every moment.

A long journey? Perhaps.

Yet, if you are to believe what the people of the mountain have experienced then you would know the journey is more than worthwhile. It is critical.




You Are Here

Is there anywhere else to be except in this present moment? Our heart would say, “Yes, I want to live in this moment now.”

Yet, the evidence of what is actually happening paints a different picture.

Your ego mind has the list of activities for the day, evening, week and month. It is planning the next summer vacation, nine months from now. There is like a thousand bees buzzing in your head each with something to say about what you should do and how to do it next.

The noise might otherwise leave you breathless except for the fact that you are used to it. It is the normal self talk you hear all the time.

From time to time awareness shoots up and you realize how tired you are, how much of a break you need and how you want to slow down for a few minutes.

It’s a good time to go for a smoke, have a cheeseburger or flop on your couch for a few minutes (depends on what you see as healthy).

It is really a rest period as compared to recovery.

However, like a great athlete you are back in the game zooming around town to pick up kids, groceries and complete the list of errands. All this while you hold down a real job that requires your attention and skill.


First, let’s be clear that there is nothing wrong with you. There is a difference in describing a situation and then making that situation who you are. In fact it is only the way you are acting in the situation that makes it seem so real.

You are perfect the way you are. You have all the essential qualities you came with in the moment of your birth.

These qualities, aspects and essential nature of who you are have always been here and will always be.


The change occurs when you raise your head up and look around at what is happening. You become aware of how you feel, what you say and how you act.

Then you make a choice about what to change.

It is an irrevocable promise to yourself.


You honour who you are by beginning to uncover the authenticity that has always been you. You just need to do it in small steps, a few minutes a day.


This is who you are.



Delayed Gratification

We have been taught to want it all now. For the past seventy years we have lived through some tremendously prosperous times as well as difficult times.

Many of us have been given everything our parents could afford and maybe more.

We learned that there was no need to wait for what we wanted. If we wanted it we did our best to get it now.

It’s how money has come to represent the power in our pocket to buy many and sundry things.

Some of us did not learn to slow down in the frantic pace to acquire. There did not seem to be any reason to wait.

What is the point in waiting for something if you want it now?

In the face of the modern reality of changing markets, job shifts and economic upheaval an old idea has come forward once again. It is called delayed gratification.

In essence this may not be the best time to go out and get what you say you want.

The urge to acquire mostly comes from your conditioned self rather than your essential self.

When you turn inward, as many of us were not taught early on, you become aware of how it feels to want something. You feel the conditioned self straining to reach for the new toy so shiny and bright right now.

Yet, your essential self knows the feeling of the right time. There is a resonance to it that lets you know when the time is right.

Your essential self knows that waiting might be the best answer in this moment. Through delayed gratification comes a perfect sense of fulfillment.

This is who you are.



A Billion Years Ago

  A billion years ago there was probably a sea where you are standing now.

Then in what seems like a flash everything has changed. The sea is gone replaced by a bustling city, cars and huge buildings.

The evolutionary spiral continues at a pace. It is continuously moving.

How fast are you moving, evolving, and learning?

It is all happening even if you are not aware of it.

If you live to be a hundred it will go by so fast your head will spin.

One moment you are born and the next moment you are one hundred.

It’s that fast.

No time to waste angel. You are precious and what you are here for is to choose how to give your gifts to the world.

The power you have is awesome over what you do in your life.

A billion years ago you were not here. One hundred years from now you will not be here.

How you fill the gap is up to you.

This is who you are.





“Laughter and tears are both responses to frustration and exhaustion. I myself prefer to laugh, since there is less cleaning to do afterward.”  Kurt Vonnegut

It’s only frustrating when...

They don’t answer the phone.

When they don’t do it your way.

When they promise it today and it’s not ready.

When your timing doesn’t match their timing.

Oh well, stay frustrated or let it go.

It’s hard to let it go when you know you’re right.

It’s hard to let it go when you’re always the one who has to change first. Why don’t they change first?

I don’t know. It’s just the way the world works.

If you want your life to change you will have to change first.

Then miracles happen.

The lights come on.

People see you differently.

Time resonates with you and things seem to be in better order.

All because you changed first.

What a miracle you are.

You have this magical power to change when it looks like those around you don’t.

It’s all based on your miracle power to choose your experience in the moment.

Once you choose your life and all that it can be, no one can take it away.

You have a gift and it is called choice.

Treat it with care and honor and respect.

It will serve you well when you add awareness to the mix.

This is who you are.



Essence of the Vessel

The essence of the vessel is not its golden cover or its ornate fixtures. Your vessel is not your curly hair, your lush body or your perfect teeth.


The essence of your vessel is the void inside. It is the consciousness which you choose to become aware of and enter into with joy.


For most of us this is unknown territory placed behind the veil of our historical learning.


However, there is a way to come home to your true nature.


That nature that is abundant with wisdom and knowing. It is the ultimate pursuit of happiness beyond any material possessions.


Here is how to start to live in the consciousness of your essence:


  1. Believe that there is more to you than you know now
  2. Choose to learn about your consciousness
  3. Start to meditate every day so you can connect to your source
  4. Practice your intuitive knowing and you will soon see how accurate it is


When you strike out on the path to live from your consciousness you will be excited to see the results you can achieve quickly. There are many distractions along the way. Don’t let these worry you. Persist in the face of it all.


This is who you are.



Energy Is Active

What are all the things we have in the world, made up of? Scientists say everything is energy. Even though your car looks and feels real and heavy, it is a bunch of atoms flying around in some order creating something called a car.


However, energy is everywhere in everything including you and me.

There is a huge unknown part of us that we have not tapped yet.


Your energy can be directed, molded and shaped according to your mind (not your brain) and with a bit of practice put into a shape and speed you want it to go.


That’s how amazing you are. The use of your active energy field has the potential to change the way you do life.


This is who you are.



Knowing VS Doing

You are an enthusiastic player in the game of life. You have so much to do.  

You play on the doer team. They are the team that tries to get as much done in a day as they can, based on the goals and lists that have been written in stone yesterday.


There is satisfaction in getting all the things done on the list. There is laughter and joy at meeting the quarterly targets.


There are also the knowers. These are people who know that pushing and cajoling is not their way.


They prefer to know that with ease and flow the results will be achieved as they will. They constantly battle their ego that says this is not the way but they persist.

Yes, results are achieved by knowing, allowing and being here now.


Interestingly, both people are the same person. You.


It’s just the choice you make on any particular day.


This is who you are.




Thank You

When you live your life with gratitude you see clearly the events of your life.  

Gratitude has energy of acceptance and love that is felt around the world.


Choose three things to be grateful for each day. Keep a record of them.

Read them over once a week.


All of a sudden there comes a time when you realize you are living your life from a foundation of loving gratitude.


This is who you are.




Oh, to live the simple life. I choke up on those days when it all looks so complicated.  

The speed of life, the complications of relationships, the politics of the office all lead us to an experience of energy drain.


How can we get our energy back, live a nourished life and have some fun?


I use a practice of mindfulness to slow down the train, accept what is and be in the moment.


If this sounds like a tall order, consider the energy going into maintaining the status quo.


If you were to take 5 minutes a day to bring yourself to stillness, feel your breath and be in the moment, you would experience how simple life can be.


There is no where to get to, so you can stop running to get there.


Moment to moment mindfulness is an expression of your authentic nature that is available now.

This is who you are.



Your Trajectory

You may believe that your life has a certain trajectory based on family values, or background or what you were taught.  

Your father was a doctor so you became a doctor.


Your grandmother baked the most fabulous apple pie in the world and you have brought the tradition forward.


Your belief about the arc of your trajectory is well founded in the evidence of your history.


Now, at a mature age you are asking, what am I to be?

You wonder who I am with all the skills, tools and intelligence I have.


How will I make a contribution to the world?


 Even if you want to make a contribution you wonder if it is even possible with what you have at your disposal.


The fact is your trajectory has been a manufactured reality based on historical characters and what they knew.


You have available to you your consciousness where in lies all your knowing.


You can change the course of your life by mastering access to your consciousness.


Then you will see that you can choose to take whatever course of action you desire, notwithstanding your history.


The realm of your consciousness is a powerful, real, active state of being that is fully activated at all times.


What has been missing is your realization of it.


This is who you are.




Extreme You

Extreme sports are played at the edge. All the resources of the players are stretched to the maximum limit they can withstand so they can get to the finish line before the next guy.


You play in the extreme sport called living every day. That’s why you are tired at the end of the day. You have given all you’ve got.


What are we trying to prove?


I am better than you.

I am faster than you.

I can get more toys than you.

The world is divided into you and them. The goal is to get to the finish line before the next guy.


What if you played the extreme sport of raising your consciousness beyond competition?


What if you could experience your consciousness of happy fulfillment in a way that left you feeling nourished rather than drained?

What if you knew that what anyone said about you would not alter your commitment to live in a consciousness of fulfillment?


Yes, it is possible.


This is who you are.




Trust Your Compass

The way you are in the world is a compilation of your opinion about yourself and what you think is necessary to be loved, included, respected and seen.  

It is not that you do this consciously. It is the way you have become used to being in the world.


However, you have a compass within you that is connected to your essential self.

It can be a guide for you.


Here are some things you can do to activate your compass:


  • keep moving on the path of your passion despite your suffering
  • activate your essential knowing about yourself by living beyond your adapted self
  • mobilize yourself to be in the world from who you know you are. This means not to edit who you are.


Ultimately be committed to making the difference you know you can make without being attached to the results

This is who you are.




“I am because we are.”  

A scientist tried an experiment with the Xhosa people in which he placed a basket of fruit under a tree.


 Then he told the children gathered that they would have a race and the first child to the tree could have the basket of fruit.


When ready to start, all the children held hands and ran to the tree together.


He asked them why they did not race against each other.


They replied “Ubuntu.”


Who’s hand are you taking today that will get you both to the tree at the same time?


This is who you are.