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Accept Who You Are

You are so much more than your physical package of bones and skin and blood and water. We see our self in the mirror and we look so real with our frizzy hair, freckles and wrinkles.

The essence of you though lies beyond the surface of what you see.

We now know your heart has an energy field than goes out beyond your body some ten feet. The energy waves are sent back to your heart and brain.

You are heart connected to your world.

You have access to intelligent knowing beyond your thinking mind.

Accept the capabilities that are within you and you will understand that you are so much more than you have thought about yourself up until now.

Yes, your training has taught you how to be and act in the world around you but that is not who you are. It is how you have been taught.

Whatever decisions you make about your life let them be from your essence rather than your adapted self. The part of you that has been trained is not the part that can offer the best decisions. It is the part that will react to whatever is going on.

However, when you get in touch with your heart self you will really feel what you need in the moment.

That is where to choose life from. That is the powerful place of essential knowing that comes with every human being.

Every one of us has an essential self that can access our knowing. I call it your heart knowing.

It is about letting go of the adapted self. That trained part of us and letting our heart guide us in what to do.

Living from this essential place is a practice. It is not something we all consciously know.

However you can get to know this part of you and when you do you will feel the confidence that comes with it.

You can always trust your heart knowing. You won’t have to second guess yourself or go into analysis to see if you are right.

You will just “know”.

This is who you are.



To Be Happy

A plastic surgeon asked several of his patients why they wanted the surgery. They answered, “I just want to be happy.”  

Is this not what many of us would say if asked about our lives?


We buckle down each day to produce what is asked in the best way we know how.


What is your formula for your happiness?


When you look at this question, come to stillness and examine it from a quiet place.


Let your heart song provide the answer rather than your ego.


One aspect of happiness is how you see the world.


Some people see problems everywhere while others see opportunity.


What do you see?


Some of what you see is how you have been trained. Many of us are trained problem solvers. That unfortunately comes from our adapted self. The happiness quotient is limited here.


The challenge of having to solve problems all day is that even if you are somewhat successful, there is evidence to show that it will not leave you very happy.


There are two other elements that social scientists have proven contribute to your happiness.


The first is to live in the moment. This for me is about presence.

The way to get to presence is to put your ego to rest and engage your essential self in the moment.


Try it. It is a challenging practice given all the distractions we have in a day.


The second contributing element is the choices you make.


There are two basic choices all of us make every day.


The first is the choice for pleasure. Whatever that might be for you.


The second choice is about contribution and fulfillment. You can ask yourself what contribution you have made today that nourishes your heart.


In essence, the happiness factor is brought alive through the active relationship with your essential self.  This is a powerful aspect of you waiting to be activated.


This is who you are.





“Laughter and tears are both responses to frustration and exhaustion. I myself prefer to laugh, since there is less cleaning to do afterward.”  Kurt Vonnegut

It’s only frustrating when...

They don’t answer the phone.

When they don’t do it your way.

When they promise it today and it’s not ready.

When your timing doesn’t match their timing.

Oh well, stay frustrated or let it go.

It’s hard to let it go when you know you’re right.

It’s hard to let it go when you’re always the one who has to change first. Why don’t they change first?

I don’t know. It’s just the way the world works.

If you want your life to change you will have to change first.

Then miracles happen.

The lights come on.

People see you differently.

Time resonates with you and things seem to be in better order.

All because you changed first.

What a miracle you are.

You have this magical power to change when it looks like those around you don’t.

It’s all based on your miracle power to choose your experience in the moment.

Once you choose your life and all that it can be, no one can take it away.

You have a gift and it is called choice.

Treat it with care and honor and respect.

It will serve you well when you add awareness to the mix.

This is who you are.



Essence of the Vessel

The essence of the vessel is not its golden cover or its ornate fixtures. Your vessel is not your curly hair, your lush body or your perfect teeth.


The essence of your vessel is the void inside. It is the consciousness which you choose to become aware of and enter into with joy.


For most of us this is unknown territory placed behind the veil of our historical learning.


However, there is a way to come home to your true nature.


That nature that is abundant with wisdom and knowing. It is the ultimate pursuit of happiness beyond any material possessions.


Here is how to start to live in the consciousness of your essence:


  1. Believe that there is more to you than you know now
  2. Choose to learn about your consciousness
  3. Start to meditate every day so you can connect to your source
  4. Practice your intuitive knowing and you will soon see how accurate it is


When you strike out on the path to live from your consciousness you will be excited to see the results you can achieve quickly. There are many distractions along the way. Don’t let these worry you. Persist in the face of it all.


This is who you are.



Thank You

When you live your life with gratitude you see clearly the events of your life.  

Gratitude has energy of acceptance and love that is felt around the world.


Choose three things to be grateful for each day. Keep a record of them.

Read them over once a week.


All of a sudden there comes a time when you realize you are living your life from a foundation of loving gratitude.


This is who you are.



Your Trajectory

You may believe that your life has a certain trajectory based on family values, or background or what you were taught.  

Your father was a doctor so you became a doctor.


Your grandmother baked the most fabulous apple pie in the world and you have brought the tradition forward.


Your belief about the arc of your trajectory is well founded in the evidence of your history.


Now, at a mature age you are asking, what am I to be?

You wonder who I am with all the skills, tools and intelligence I have.


How will I make a contribution to the world?


 Even if you want to make a contribution you wonder if it is even possible with what you have at your disposal.


The fact is your trajectory has been a manufactured reality based on historical characters and what they knew.


You have available to you your consciousness where in lies all your knowing.


You can change the course of your life by mastering access to your consciousness.


Then you will see that you can choose to take whatever course of action you desire, notwithstanding your history.


The realm of your consciousness is a powerful, real, active state of being that is fully activated at all times.


What has been missing is your realization of it.


This is who you are.




Extreme You

Extreme sports are played at the edge. All the resources of the players are stretched to the maximum limit they can withstand so they can get to the finish line before the next guy.


You play in the extreme sport called living every day. That’s why you are tired at the end of the day. You have given all you’ve got.


What are we trying to prove?


I am better than you.

I am faster than you.

I can get more toys than you.

The world is divided into you and them. The goal is to get to the finish line before the next guy.


What if you played the extreme sport of raising your consciousness beyond competition?


What if you could experience your consciousness of happy fulfillment in a way that left you feeling nourished rather than drained?

What if you knew that what anyone said about you would not alter your commitment to live in a consciousness of fulfillment?


Yes, it is possible.


This is who you are.





“I am because we are.”  

A scientist tried an experiment with the Xhosa people in which he placed a basket of fruit under a tree.


 Then he told the children gathered that they would have a race and the first child to the tree could have the basket of fruit.


When ready to start, all the children held hands and ran to the tree together.


He asked them why they did not race against each other.


They replied “Ubuntu.”


Who’s hand are you taking today that will get you both to the tree at the same time?


This is who you are.




Don't Think of the Elephant

Trying to push thoughts and worries makes them bigger.  

Have you ever tired not thinking of something when someone suggested you don’t think of it?


Your brain is a technological marvel at creating pictures, and sounds.

It is constantly working to bring you information that may be helpful to you.


The powerful reality is to realize you have control on what you focus.


When you focus on the elephant, the floppy eared giant will be right there with you.


When the brain is buzzing with worries there are a number of strategies some people try like drinking, running, working, sex, television or any other distraction you can think of.


Release the obsession on whatever is with you by engaging in the passion of your life.

The passion of your heart will give you the space to be totally absorbed.

When you are living your passion you won’t have to deal with the elephant showing up so often.


It is in your control.


This is who you are.



Depression or Expression

Research shows that some 11% of men and 16% of women will experience depression during their life.  

What has caused all this depression?


In my limited survey, I hear people talking about uncertainty, chaos of life and a sense they don’t control their own destiny.


When we feel like we have lost control, we probably have.


The energy to get up in the morning to put on the face of mom or dad or businessman or businesswoman is almost too much.


We spin our lives out of control trying to grasp at something that is most likely not achievable.


If we are pushing to make others happy, meet someone else’s goals or just be seen as helping out, we have put ourselves in the headlights of depression. We just won’t win this game.


The journey of life is just that, a journey.


If we are to make a joyful trip of it then we need to choose joy each day.


In some way even when we don’t know the next step can we engage with an attitude of joyful optimism and hope?


As soon as we do that, others around us take on the same energy.


You can be a leader of, and a hopeful contributor, to show the way out of depression when you activate your own expression.


I mean your essential self expression. That place within you called soul or knowing.


You have light within you, as we all do.


We can raise our consciousness to a level that we can accept and be joyful with all aspects of ourselves.


As an author, I struggle with my expression and if I leave it behind I can fall into the dark place.


The truth about you and I, however, cannot be denied. There is light, wisdom and knowing within us beyond any feelings of inadequacy we might have.


Choose to know your essential self. That is where the hope, possibility and inspiration live.


This is who you are.



Joy Is Close At Hand

I am wondering, did you wake up with joy in your heart today?  

Joy is close at hand.


It is wherever you are if you choose to embrace it and activate it in your heart.

Joy arrives with you when you come home at the end of the day and your lover is there to greet you.


Joy is present when your children move from one plateau to another in their learning of life’s ways.


Joy abounds when you dig in your garden and smell the earth and enjoy the bees helping.


Joy is at hand when you walk your puppy. That beautiful bundle of joy you care for every day and will never grow up but you don’t care.


Your heart bursts with joy when you know the light of your soul.


You abound in joy at your physical, emotional and spiritual accomplishments notwithstanding the hurdles you had to overcome.


Joy is everywhere if you choose to acknowledge it in your life.


It could be a useful addition to your day. Don’t you think?


Share your stories of joy to shine light on the places in your world that need it.


Joy fills the room like turning a light on. Darkness cannot hide from it.


Matter of fact you are joy right here showing up as you.


This is who you are.




Power of Your Mind

A Little story: Their dad had not spoken for ten years but still was at home. His brain was not functioning and he was unable to communicate with his family. One day his two sons were with him when he slumped over in his chair. The older son rushed to his side and at the same time told his younger brother to call 911.


A voice the son had not heard for ten years said, “Don’t call 911 son. Tell your mother I love her.”

At which point the father died.


Is this his brain working that brought the words or it is beyond the brain to what we call mind?

They are different.


Deepak Chopra says we must answer the question, “Who am I?”


He further proposes that the answer does not lie in our brain but in our mind.


The brain is a physical aspect of us filled with neurons and cells and synapses. These are physical elements.


What about our consciousness that resides beyond the brain?


You have access to as much information, skill and creativity as Shakespeare.


There is more available for you than has been taught to you in your upbringing. Much more.


When you choose to go beyond the box that you have built with your brain you see that the vista of consciousness is available to you.


Do you want a more expanded, interesting, fulfilling life?


Then now is the time to accept that you are exceptionally qualified to tap into the consciousness to create your experience.


This is who you are.



Lack of Time

Like never before, I hear people complain there is a lack of time.  

Our lives are moving in a way that we seem to have lost a sense of what time it is. Where am I and where do I have to be next?


Projects, be they family oriented or work oriented have deadlines, goals., criteria and strategies all designed to complete something that looks like perfection while in the mean time planning for the iceberg ahead that is not seen yet.


The notion of “being on time” has taken on a new importance in our culture. You are measured as to your perfection if you are on time.

There is no room for taking more time than someone of importance has deemed appropriate.


We speed along our city freeways and we run to the gym for our workouts. We breath heavily and feel our hear rate jump as the car in front of us goes too slow.


It is a breathless time. The physical body tries to cope with caffeine, sugar, fried foods or anything that looks and tastes like an energy booster.  

Do you sense there is anxiety about all this?

I certainly do. We are aiming to get somewhere but where is that?

As far as I know the journey of life is a journey. Its destination, if there is one, surely will be when you are passing on from this realm and maybe not even then.


Here is a practice to help you thrive a little more in a chaotic world.


1. Decide to make a change - A small one. Don’t take on the big stuff all at once

2. Choose something that will give you a break. Let’s say, for example, sit quietly.

3. Take 5 minutes no more. If you try to make it big your mind will resist.

4. In that 5 minutes feel your breath and notice if you are present. Your mind will wander and that is OK. Just bring it back

5. Try this twice the first week. That’s keeping it simple. Make an appointment with yourself to do it at a specific time.


After a couple of weeks you will notice that you want to change the routine. Go ahead.


This is how to touch and nourish your essential nature.

This is who you are.



Not Good Now - Better Later

When you first start out to learn something you are not very good at it.  

Then with time everything improves until you reach a level of competence.


What do you do when you are as good as you think you are?


Well, you have two choices.


First you could carry on the way you are being at a certain level of competence. I suggest that given the human condition you would probably get bored with this scenario fairly quickly.


I think our nature is to constantly strive for improvement.


The second choice is to apply your wisdom, knowledge and inner knowing to the task of learning at a higher level. This would keep your interest and I would suggest spark your inspiration to see what is possible.


Once you make the decision to up the ante you become committed to a higher purpose within yourself.


One of the things I have learned is that if you are interested in something then it is worth your while to keep at it. You will get better and soon maybe even be an expert.


Thomas Edison failed at inventions all the time yet he never gave up because of his passion.


Living your life at a new level is fun, inspiring and a model for others. Many around you don’t know what is possible for them.  You can lead the way.


This is who you are.



Indra's Net

The mind chatters on at a rapid pace about everything happening in your life now, in the past and in the future.  

It has a profound knack for analysis to review past performance and thus adjust to make sure performance will be enhanced today.


Then it will take any time you give it to look into the future and organize the to-do list of your life.


Is it any wonder you have such a challenging time living in the present?


There is separateness everywhere. You are perceived as distinct and unique and an island unto yourself with all the responsibility that goes along with performing as required.


It is a big job, for sure, to be considered such an independent force in the universe unaware of your impact physically, emotionally or spiritually.


It is hard to imagine you are not alone.


It is difficult to create a picture of how your actions and ways of being interact with everyone else.


What if you knew your power to affect the world that you see and beyond what you see?


What if you could entertain the concept that creating your life the way you want it is totally within your grasp?


You have the capacity to create and express your life and to create more good in the world.


Here’s how you might start to know your power.


Between the 6th and 8th centuries the Chinese Huayan School popularized the teaching of Indra’s Net which says that there is a net that stretches out indefinitely in all directions around the universe. At the intersection of each strand holding the net together is hung a jewel.


Each of us represents one of those jewels hanging like crystal stars reflecting the light all around us. When we look closely at the polished surface there are the reflections of all the other jewels in this vast net.


Every jewel reflects the other in an interconnection of light and sound and movement. In this way there is recognition that all of the jewels are interconnected. Not one operates in an independent vacuum.


You may understand that as one of the jewels on the net you are a part in the universe. You are a beautiful, powerful jewel reflecting all others and thus you are a part of it all.

This is who you are. 



Freedom Is Possible

“Perhaps the biggest tragedy of our lives is that freedom is possible, yet we can pass our years trapped in the same old patterns...We may want to love other people without holding back, to feel authentic, to breathe in the beauty around us, to dance and sing. Yet each day we listen to inner voices that keep our life small.”  Tara Brach There is a story that Tara tells about God looking through the feedback mail. The complaints are all along the same theme of not enough time, too busy to spend time with family, overwhelmed by so much to do.

This theme of being so busy appears to be getting worse rather than better.

What are the desires that are going unmet or you and others such that busy schedules and racing around are meant to fill?

In the busy times of our lives we are missing the point of more deeply connecting to who we are.

There is a simple solution.

It is a practice of self reflection that provides or your eyes to see you beyond your skin.

Take three minutes and hold a mirror up to your face.

What do you see? Do you see the imperfections, the age lines and the jowls?

Look deeper. Take a moment to look beyond your eyes and into your soul.

Then let the question come from your lips, “Who am I?”

See what the answer is. There is so much depth to you.

You hold so much wisdom and creativity. The place to find it is beyond your physical self.

This is who you are.



Your Ah Ha Moment

“The more boundless your vision, the more real you are.” Deepak Chopra You walk in a logical world.

One filled with rules, historical ways of doing things and “This is the way it is” attitudes.

Your Ah Ha moment comes when you notice you are not in sync with what is going on around you.

You have a different idea of the ways things could be.

You have a vision of your life that is hard for others to comprehend.

Why not do it the same old way?

Not possible you say, we are evolutionary beings.

We have an inbred need to learn, grow and discover what is around the corner.

The world needs new ideas and thinkers like you.

You just need to what up and say, “Ah Ha! That’s it. I will start living my vision today!

You know today is all you have.

In this moment of time you take you Ah Ha and get on with your life that is beyond the norm.

This is who you are.



Who AM I?

“Make a pact with yourself today to not be defined by your past. Sometimes the greatest thing to come out of all your hard work isn't what you get for it, but what you become for it. Shake things up today! Be You...Be Free...Share.” Steve Maraboli


Are you defined by your past?

A while ago I might have answered yes to that question.

Today, we know that the past is our experience.

We reacted to the events of our past and took away a meaning from the experiences that were in our lives.

From the meaning we made of those experiences we began to say this is who we are in the world.

However, we now know there is a difference between what we have learned and who we are.

The roles of men and women, for example, have been defined for a long time. There were standards to meet in both camps. Those standards attempted to define the person by their gender.

Today, the rules have changed and confusion has entered the picture.

Who am I if I am not what I have been doing for years and years?

The cloak of experience is like a dark cloth put over your head and it is holding your light inside.

When you realize the possibility of exploring who you are you start to remove the cloak.

Little by little you change your habits that defined your activities.  Your light starts to shine in the world.

There is a rejoicing in your heart that you have not felt for years.

This is who you are




“When flowing water...meets with obstacles on its path, a blockage in its journey, it pauses. It increases in volume and strength, filling up in front of the obstacle and eventually spilling past it...” Thomas Cleary, The I Ching There are times to run and times to pause.

In the pause there is refreshment, renewal and restoration.

It is a time to build up your energy for the next burst of activity.

Then like the water you spill over the obstacle as you carry on your way.

It is in the challenge of the moment that it can be hard to stop and rest for a while.

Not everyone will agree with your strategy.

There are some who meet the obstacle and use all their strength to push it out of the way before it is time to do so.

When you pause, you acknowledge your inner knowing of what is being asked of you. You know you will soon be on your way.

This is who you are.




“If you must begin, then go all the way, because if you quit, the unfinished business you have left behind begins to haunt you all the time.” Trungpa Rinpoche Everything is in motion all the time.

All the parts of your life internal and external are constantly struggling to express themselves in accordance with your agreement.

If your life is too busy then you must know that you have agreed to have it that way.

You are attempting to express all that you think you are through all of your activities whatever they may be.

When you begin a deeper journey in your life such, as losing weight, finding a new job or redefining who you are then you must persevere.

When you persevere the sun rises in a new dawn and the light shines brightly in your life.

Then as the wave of life hits you there is a realization that there are difficulties arising on your journey.

These too are part of your journey to be accepted and embraced.

The choice to move on is made again and again.

Then you see that in the ebb and flow that is your life you have a new understanding and awareness.

This is who you are.