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Dreams Unfulfilled?


Dreams Unfulfilled?

You have a dream.

You want something to change in your life but you don’t know how to do it.

The harder things get, the harder you try.

That’s because of how you have been trained.


You are frustrated because you are not acknowledged for what you have done.

The effort you have put toward your dream is the best you have ever given.

Here is what is getting in your way:

  1. The training that says the harder things get the harder you should work.
  2. The way you keep analyzing the results. It’s like pulling up the roots of a baby plant to see if it is growing.
  3. The judgement you place on yourself for not being good enough.

Here is an alternative way to look at and fulfill your dream:

  1. Acknowledge you don’t know the answer and let that be enough.
  2. Keep putting your effort into your dream by taking the next step.
  3. Understand and know that if you take the next step you have already fulfilled your dream. There is nothing more to do

This is my philosophy of fulfilling my dream. 

When I acknowledge the step I have taken today then I know I am fulfilling my dream because that was what I was supposed to do today.

Do not lament on yesterday or leap into tomorrow.

Your dream comes true in this moment as you take the necessary action.

This is who you are.